Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

If you are looking to buy Bitcoin with PayPal, you should know that this is not the easiest method of obtaining BTC. PayPal is known for avoiding interaction with cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency platforms whenever possible, so there are still not a lot of services that can receive money for buying BTC from PayPal. In fact, it might be significantly easier to simply deposit money through a wire or a credit card. With that in mind, if you are determined to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with PayPal, there are some methods that can be used, although most of them are indirect, as we will soon see.
So, how to buy Bitcoin with PayPal? The easiest method would be to use a platform known as LocalBitcoins — a marketplace that allows buyers to connect with sellers directly, instead of doing so through an exchange. However, this method comes with a number of issues as well, as you do not know the credibility of the seller, and whether or not they will try to scam you out of your money. However, right now, we are only interested in purchasing BTC with PayPal. To do so, all you really need to do is deposit your fiat currency on LocalBitcoins via PayPal, which should be possible, as the platforms are still collaborating at the time of writing. Once you have your money on LocalBitcoins, however, you can use it for whichever purpose you want. It is not exactly buying BTC with PayPal directly, but it is the only way to get BTC, which you can later withdraw to your crypto wallet that includes PayPal. Another method that you can use to buy Bitcoin (BTC) using PayPal would be to go to a platform known as eToro. However, this is also not exactly as it sounds, since you won't actually be buying Bitcoin, you would only speculate on its price and make a profit if your predictions turn out to be correct. However, PayPal will allow you to deposit your money on eToro for such a purpose, so we consider it a valid method. Just remember that you will not actually own any of the coins that you end up 'buying' this way.